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After a careful study of the reference market, we built the best strategies for financial investments. Specifically, we develop and maintain trading systems algorithm in the crude oil, e-mini S&P and e-mini Nasdaq futures markets. Our systems are compatible with the Tradestation and Multicharts platforms.

We will improve your portfolio management, focusing on the accessibility of price to give everyone the possibility of being able to operate, or start operating, in the financial markets with valid and efficient support thanks to our tools.

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MultiCharts trading platform is an award-winning trading software with advanced market analysis features for expert traders. 

MultiCharts enables to connect more than 30 different brokers and data vendors, providing expert trading tools that additionally feature:

Self-Adaptive strategies optimize inputs while auto-trading

– Fail-Watch predictive system warns of possible issues

– Track backtest, forward-test, and live orders in one place

– TPO chart type

– Matrix and genetic optimization for individual charts and Portfolio Trader

– Volume profile drawing tool for in-depth volume analysis

EasyLanguage friendly

– More than 300 pre-built studies

– Friendly top-notch support

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