The Nasdaq Botein system is a 100% automatic system developed in November 2018. After the creation of the system, it has never been modified since. Like all our systems, of course, it is monitored daily to ensure its operation.

Botein is a multi-day system, created to ride the Trends, up and down, limiting to a single Long entry and one Short entry per day, taking as a reference the highs and lows of the previous session to enter orders within of a specific time window of the day.

Since its creation, Botein has achieved solid and excellent performances: StopLoss of 110 BigPoint Value (2200 USD for the mini Nasdaq market and 220 USD for the micro Nasdaq), a take profit of 195 BigPoint Value (3900 USD for the mini Nasdaq and 390 USD for the micro Nasdaq) and a Breakeven of 127.50 BigPoint Value (2550 USD for the mini Nasdaq and 255 USD for the micro Nasdaq). Not only that, there are filters of the days in which the system does not enter the market.

As a further reinforcement, Botein has been designed to exit the market, not only in the event that StopLoss, TakeProfit and Breakeven values ​​are reached, but also after a certain number of Bars (different for Long and Short).

On which Time-Frame should I use this system? 30 minutes.

Can I use Nasdaq Botein for the Mini S&P and Micro S&P market?

The answer to this question is: yes, but carefully. In fact, the S&P market is statistically a perfect market for Mean Reversal Systems, but this Trend Following system is perfectly suited to the Mini and Micro S&P. Obviously we recommend the utmost attention if you want to use this system developed for the Nasdaq also in other markets.

This Trading System is available for both Multicharts and Tradestation.

1-Year License