Nasdaq Diadem is a multiday system, 100% automated, developed in December 2017 and built with a basic idea: to enter at a certain time for the Long and a certain time for the Short.

With a single stoploss of 1300 USD for the Mini Future and 130 USD for the Micro Future, there are no particular filters; Neither TakeProfit nor BreakEven, the highs and lows up to two previous sessions are analyzed to enter the market.

The outputs are automated after a certain number of Bars, (different for the Long and Short).

This system from the date of its creation has had Strong Performance.

On which Time-Frame should I use this system? 15 minutes.

Can I use Nasdaq_Diadem for the Mini S&P and Micro S&P market?

This Trading System is achieving very important performances, especially in 2021, so it can also be used for this market if included in a diversified Trading System portfolio.

This Trading System is available for both Multicharts and Tradestation.

1-Year License