Nasdaq Moriah is a Trading System developed in February 2016 and has never been modified since then. This fantastic system is developed with the lowest Time-Frame of our portfolio, in fact this strategy works on 5 minutes.

The System does not include TakeProfit or BreakEven but an emergency StopLoss of 150 BigPoint Value (3000 USD for the Mini Nasdaq and 300 USD for the Micro Nasdaq) and an exit after Tot. Bars (different for the Long and Short).

It is a system that guarantees reliability and safety.

On which Time-Frame should I use this system? 5 minutes.

Can I use Nasdaq Moriah for the Mini S&P and Micro S&P market?

This Trading System from 2020 to today achieves Strong Performance, so if inserted in a portfolio of Strategies it can be perfectly integrated even for this Market.

This Trading System is available for both Multicharts and Tradestation.

1-Year License