Gold_Tiaki is a Trading System developed in September 2014.

It has since achieved Strong Performance and has never been modified.

With a time window ranging from 04:00 am to 15:00 pm and with a one-hour break to enter the market, Gold_Tiaki is a Trend Follow Strategy, capable of riding the Trends that are created in the Gold market.

This System makes only one entry per day for the Long and one for the Short; there is a StopLoss of 19 BigPoint Value (1900 USD for Gold and 190 USD for Micro Gold) and a TakeProfit of 30 BigPoint Value.

This System is powerful and solid, suitable for those who want to have in their Trading System portfolio a strategy capable of providing coverage of the risks of the Systems on Equity Indices (Nasdaq and S&P).

On which Time-Frame should I use this system? 15 minutes. 

Can I use Gold_Tiaki for the MiniS & P, Micro S&P, MiniNasdaq and MicroNasdaq market?

Despite being a system developed for a market with different logics than the S&P and Nasdaq, since 2021 this system has recorded excellent performances also on these two markets; therefore, if included in a diversified portfolio, we can consider the idea of ​​using and monitoring the Gold_Tiaki System also for the Nasdaq and S&P.

This Trading System is available for both Multicharts and Tradestation.